Service of Hope Has a Revamp

As part of our growth and development, we have revamped how we communicate to our supporters. We have increased our online presence, with a new website, (where you can also find our newsletter sign up form), a new Facebook so that you can like us and be part of a community helping to support our needs, a new youtube  so that you can see what our projects in Brazil are up to, and now a new blog, which we hope will make it easier to follow our newsletters.

Just in case you still can’t find us online, here’s a brief explanation of who we are and what we do:

Service of Hope is a UK charity with the Christian objectives of supporting projects in the North East of Brazil working with vulnerable groups. The key project we are currently supporting in the Olinda area of Brazil, is called My Fathers House (Casa de Meu Pai). This project is based out of an Anglican church in the area of Aguazinha, where they work with some of the most vulnerable families in the area. Not only do they work directly with these families, children and teenagers, but they also run a half way boys house in another area of the city, where the local government sends young boys to them, where they otherwise would not have a home. More recently the project has been working closely with the local government to enable the adoption of some of the boys in the house. My Fathers House also runs a farm just outside Olinda, that is used a retreat centre for the children, families and the churches that they work with.

We love this project and think that it is such a worthwhile project to support and volunteer for. If you would like to know more about the project, why not sign up to our newsletter here, so that you can hear more about the work and keep in touch. You can also follow the project directly (as well as through us) on their facebook page.

Make sure you follow our blog and check out our social media pages, so that you can keep in touch with our work!

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